Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


The following are the General Terms & Conditions of Hire between the Hirer and Wild Way Campers. Note that these Terms together with the Wild Way Campers completed booking form, copies of the drivers licence and proof of address (requested at the time of booking) and the Insurance Motor Rental Agreement signed upon collection of the vehicle combine to form the rental agreement. The campervan and its equipment remains the property of Way Campers at all times. All payments made to Wild Way Campers shall be in Euros.

Credit card bookings will incur a two percent transaction fee on all payments.

A reservation with Way Campers is complete when a signed booking form, booking deposit, copy of drivers licence and proof of address have been received by wild way campers. The booking deposit is €300 or the total cost of the rental if less than €300. The hirer shall receive a Booking Email containing the rental and payment details and a checklist of required documents. Confirmation emails will be issued upon receipt of booking deposit and documentation.
Wild Way Campers can facilitate reservations for hirers without internet access. For further details, please contact Robbie or Ciara on +353 (0) 858281458.

 The Hirer and/or Drivers
The Hirer must comply, and is liable for ensuring that the named Driver(s) comply with the following obligations:
· Shall not lend or hire the campervan to a third party.
· Shall not tow any trailer or vehicle with the campervan.
· Shall not carry more passengers than the permitted capacity of the campervan.
· Shall not use the campervan for carriage of passengers or goods for hire or reward.
· Shall not move the campervan outside of Ireland (North & South). Any expenses incurred recovering a Wild Way Campers campervan from overseas shall be the responsibility of the hirer.
· Shall not use the campervan for or in conjunction with any race, competition, trial or for hire or reward, or on non-metalled or sealed roads, or park or drive on any beach.
· Shall restrict campervan movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions, or any other reasonable cause.
· Shall be responsible for the costs of recovery for a campervan that has become bogged.
· Shall not carry volatile liquids or gases (other than the LPG canisters provided with the vehicle), explosives or other corrosive or flammable materials.
· Shall not permit smoking in the campervan.
· Undertakes to keep the campervan securely locked at all times when unattended.
· Shall ensure that the Driver(s) is/are fit and capable at all times.

  • Shall not use the campervan for illegal purposes
    · Shall not allow the campervan to be driven by anyone other than those named in the Insurance Motor Rental Agreement.

Fully comprehensive insurance is provided by Wild Way Campers to the driver(s) named on the Booking Form. Wild Way Campers campervans may only be driven by the Hirer and/or agreed additional Drivers who have been accepted by Wild Way Campers and their Insurance Company. All named Drivers must be over 25 and under 70 years of age and have held a full licence for at least two years. The rental prices quoted on our website and literature include insurance cover for one Irish, UK or European named driver aged between 25 -70 years, with a clean licence. US and Canadian licences must be held for a minimum of 8 years and EEA licences a minimum of 5 years. In order to comply with the requirements of our Insurance Company all drivers must disclose full details of any indorsements or accidents. Any additional surcharges due to, for example: non-EU licence, driver’s age, high-risk occupation, history of endorsements within the last five years, history of accidents, physical/mental defects, refused motor insurance record and motor convictions, additional drivers, etc. will be advised by Wild Way Campers and any additional costs will be payable as part of the rental fee.
All drivers must submit copies of their full drivers licence and confirmation of address in the form of a recent utility bill (not older than three months) or a bank/building society statement at the time of booking advance of the rental. UK drivers must submit copies of both their photo card and paper counterpart licences. Hirers from outside Ireland and the UK must also submit copies of a valid passport or identity card as proof of id. Drivers are required to present their drivers licence on the day of hire. Please note that if these documents are not available, Wild Way Campers will be unable to proceed with the Hire as they are governed by their insurance company’s requirements.
The Hirer is insured for damage to the campervan and third party damages. In the event of any damage to the vehicle or third party the Hirer will be responsible for the insurance excess of €1000 per case not rental. Failure to declare an incident or accident is a criminal offence punishable by law.
It is illegal to drive without insurance in Ireland & UK. Driving by an unauthorised driver invalidates the insurance.
The theft of a campervan is not covered by insurance if the keys are left in the ignition or the surrounds of the campervan while the campervan is unoccupied and the hirer shall be fully responsible for the cost of a replacement campervan.
The hirer is accountable for the following items not covered by Wild Way Camper insurance:
· Windscreen, Tyre/Wheel damage.
· Loss/damage/theft to the radio, stereo equipment, Wi-Fi equipment and aerials.
· Damage to interior units and/or equipment.
· Personal effects within or from the campervan.
· Any damages below the value of the €1000 excess where no third party can be held accountable.
Price and Payment

The price of the camper shall be the price set out in the website and as detailed in the rental agreement

Fully Comprehensive Insurance for one driver aged 25-70

AA Breakdown Assistance

Vehicle demonstration on collection

2 Ring Gas Hob

Cooking Utensils: Kettle, Pots, Frying Pans, Crockery, Cutlery, etc

Camping Gas


Sink with pumped cold water

12v Leisure battery (charging of phones etc), 240v cable electric hook-up (Campsite)

Maps & Guides.

Van safety equipment, Fire extinguisher, Fire blanket, first aid kit, smoke and carbon alarm, hi vis, triangle

Security Deposit

The Security Deposit is a refundable deposit and covers both any insurance excess that may be payable and the proper return of the Camper in the same condition as it was let out to the Hirer.
Wild Way Campers requires a security deposit of €1000 for each rental. The security deposit is payable one week in advance of rental commencement. If a credit/debit card is used for the purposes of security deposit please note that this will be charged to the credit card. Please ensure that there are sufficient funds for security deposit and two percent transaction fee. The security deposit or deposits will be refunded in full within seven days of return of the vehicle on the following conditions:
· No damage to the camper, including windscreen or tyres, or any third party.
· No malfunction, breakdown or repairs caused by the negligence of the hirer. The hirer is required to check the water and oil levels in the engine and tyre pressures.
· Camper is returned to the agreed location, on the agreed date and time.
· Camper is refuelled.
· Vehicle and contents are returned in the same condition as collected, the interior cleaned including all cooking utensils and camping equipment where applicable.
· No additional cleaning required due to the carriage of pets.
· No additional costs have been incurred during the period of rental, e.g.: violation of traffic laws or regulations.

  • The camper has not been driven by anyone other than those named in the Insurance Motor Rental Agreement.
  • The hirer agrees to pay Wild Way Campers any additional costs over and above the security deposit value should damages exceed the security deposit value.
    A cleaning fee of €50.00 will be charged against the deposit if the campervan is not returned with the interior and exterior in a clean condition.
    Wild Way Campers reserves the right to increase the security deposit for specific events e.g.: festivals, rallies or promotional events.

Violation of Traffic Laws and Regulations
Driver(s) are personally liable for all legal penalties and fees pertaining to any traffic violation infringements under the current Road Traffic Legislation applicable in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. The driver(s) will be liable for any penalties and fees received during their rental.  Wild Way Campers will hold your credit card details for 30 days after the rental agreement finishes in case any traffic violation infringements are presented to Wild Way Campers for your hire period.  Wild Way Campers will notify the driver(s) of any speeding or parking fines and an administration charge of €25 for each infringement incurred throughout the hire period.
If you have any difficulties, please report these immediately to Wild Way Campers by telephone.
In the event of breakdown 24-hour roadside assistance is provided by the AA. Minor repair bills up to the value of €125 will be reimbursed by Wild Way Campers upon production of receipts. Repairs in excess of this amount must first be authorised by Wild Way Campers PRIOR to the work being undertaken.
In the rare case of a breakdown that cannot be repaired the AA will tow the vehicle and occupants to a local garage.
The Hirer should never engage the help of a third party mechanic or any other repairs person without first contacting Way Campers. Failure to contact Wild Way Campers may result in the loss of any refunds due as a result of breakdown.
A replacement vehicle van may be offered subject to availability. Wild Way Campers cannot accept liability for any costs arising from accident, breakdown or any other cause, e.g., replacement vehicle costs, travel, accommodation. Wild Way Campers liability extends to either replacing your van with a similar one or refunding your hire charge for any days you lose the total use of the vehicle.  A full day consists of a 24-hour period from the time of Wild Way Campers’ notification of breakdown. Depending on the circumstances, we reserve the right not to replace the Vehicle.


In case of an Accident please take the following steps:
· Note the name and address of the other driver and the vehicle owner, if different
· Note the name and address of each witness
· Describe any injury to yourself or others
· Describe damage to vehicles and other property
· Note the name and address of the other driver’s insurance company (See insurance disc on windscreen)
· Note the number of certificate of insurance (See insurance disc on windscreen)
· Note the registration number of other vehicle
· Note the name or Number of any Garda at the scene or any AA patrol attending
· Note the date, time and location of accident
· Note the speed of vehicles involved
· Note the width of road, road markings, state of road surface, weather conditions, visibility, time of day
· Describe the debris or marks on the road relevant to the accident
· Describe the manner of other driver’s driving
· Draw a rough sketch of vehicle positions before and after the accident
·  Note whether other driver and passengers were wearing seatbelts
· Take photographs of the scene if you have a camera
· Inform the Garda (Police in Republic)/ Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI) and obtain an Incident or Crime Number.
· Report the Incident to Wild Way Campers by telephone within 12 hours.


Cancellation by Wild Way Campers

Wild Way Campers reserve the right to cancel a reservation at the proposed commencement of hire if:
· Required documents are not produced or valid in accordance with stated conditions.
· Failure to provide funds for security deposit.
· Over occupancy of campervan.
· Address on driving licence does not match booking/billing address. Additional proof of id is required in the form of a recent utility bill or a bank/building society statement.
· Hirers from outside Ireland and the UK fail to provide a valid passport or national identity card alongside driving licence as proof of id.
Wild Way Campers reserve the right to refuse to hire to any person, without stating cause.

Cancellation by Hirer

Cancellation must be made in writing.

In the event of a cancellation by the hirer the following charges shall be incurred:
· Within 2 weeks of rental AND no show: 100% of rental payment.
· Within 6 weeks of rental: 100% of booking deposit.
· From 12 to 6 weeks before rental: 50% of booking deposit.
· More than 12 weeks before rental: €50 administration fee.
Credit card and debit card charges are non-refundable. It is advisable to purchase holiday cancellation insurance.
The same cancellation terms and charges will apply when:
· The hirer requests to make significant changes to the dates of their hire.
· In the case of the cancellation of a rental paid for by voucher.
Availability/Choice of Vehicles
Wild Way Campers shall make every effort to ensure that the vehicle reserved by the hirer is available for the agreed rental. If for any reason it is not available, we reserve the right to make another vehicle available without extra cost. BUT if this is not acceptable or another vehicle proves unobtainable, our liability is limited to the refund on any money paid to Wild Way Campers by the hirer.

Hire Period

Minimum Rental is a minimum of three days for the Campervan during the low and mid seasons, seven days during the high season. Email/ Enquire for shorter term rentals throughout high season as it may be possible to accommodate

Collection & Return

Pick up and drop off is at our location in Castlegregory.

Collection is strictly from 3pm although earlier collection times can be arranged with prior agreement with Wild Way Campers.

Drop-off is strictly by 11am unless otherwise agreed with Wild Way Campers

If the campervan is returned late, outside the times agreed, Wild Way Campers reserves the right to charge the hirer at a rate of €25 per hour together with any additional costs incurred by Wild Way Campers (e.g. compensation to the next Hirer).
No refund is given for an early return of the vehicle for any reason, (e.g. accident, weather or theft).
The breakdown or malfunction of equipment after the vehicle has left the premises will not be accepted as reason to abort or cancel the Rental Agreement, and any such fault will be rectified as soon as possible. Any accidental damage caused to a Campervan once covered by the Rental Agreement but still on Wild Way Campers premises shall be deemed as the Hirer’s responsibility.
Upon return a Wild Way Campers representative will check the campervan for damage, cleanliness, a full tank of fuel, condition of the tyres, windscreen, bumpers, roof lights, mirrors, doors and internal habitation equipment.
Wild Way Campers will make the following charges for additional cleaning:
· €50 for the cleaning of stained upholstery.
· €50 for a very dirty interior.
· €100 if the no smoking clause has been ignored.
· €100 for additional cleaning required after pets have been taken (please see pet section below).

Wild Way Campers campervans must never be taken through a car wash, or washed using a pressure wash on the paintwork. Should this be ignored, damage to paintwork and the resulting costs incurred by a specialist body shop shall be passed on in full to the Hirer.

Please allow for at least 1 hour for the collection and return of your vehicle.

Fuel Policy

The Hirer is responsible for returning the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and ensuring that it is as clean as at the point of Hire. €10 charge plus diesel cost if the return with full tank of fuel clause has been ignored.

An inventory of the equipment necessary for you to enjoy your holiday will be furnished and checked with you at the start and the end of the hire period.

Hireable Extras

Other hireable extras available for the duration of hirers stay in a campervan include:

  • Airport/ Train/ Bus Station Pick Up’s Tralee, Kerry, Cork, Shannon, Dublin
  • Car Seats
  • Portable Chemical Toilet
  • Awning
  • Pop up Tents
  • Cooker
  • Sat Nav
  • Bike Rack
  • Wi-Fi
  • Board Rack
  • Duvet Set (Double/Single)
  • Supervalu Delivery Service
  • Air Mattress
  • Sports Equipment

A camping gas canister will be included in the rental of the Campervan.  Additional gas purchased throughout the rental period is at the customer’s own expense.



Pets are allowed only if prior agreement was made with Wild Way Campers and an additional security deposit to be paid.  We expect Hirers to act responsibly with their animal and it is their responsibility to ensure their safety and to comply with current laws governing animals in transit when travelling in campervans at all times.  A €100 cleaning charge will be payable if necessary and any repair to damaged or torn upholstery will result in a deduction from the security deposit for repair.

Terms of Gift Vouchers
Wild Way Campers gift vouchers may be purchased for any amount and later redeemed as full or part payment for a rental. Once a booking has been made using a voucher the voucher is treated like any other payment. In the case of the cancellation of a rental paid for by voucher the normal cancellation by hirer terms set out in the following sections apply in full.


Personal Car Parking & Storage

The parking of one car per rental will be provided by Wild Way Campers. Storage of luggage is also available if booked in advance. Both parking and storage shall be entirely at the hirer’s own risk.


Wild Way Campers are contactable throughout the rental period. All faults, damage or complaints must be reported immediately to Way Campers on +353 (0) 858281458 or at the latest on return of the vehicle. In the event that a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved upon return, the hirer must inform Wild Way Campers in writing within 7 working days.


Customer Service

We want to make your trip as smooth as possible and should you have any specific requirements we are happy to assist to provide wherever possible.